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Race Results - 7/21/2012


Heat 1: 1. Kasey Brown (Billings, MT), 2. Dale A Neitzel (Shepherd, MT), 3. Kenny Baumann (Billings, MT), 4. Robert Tehle (Billings, MT), 5. Mitch Ferguson (Billings, MT), 6. Roger Cummings (Laurel, MT),

Heat 2: 1. Dennis Hurd (Billings, MT), 2. Jeremy Meirhofer (Belgrade, MT), 3. Alen Wolf (Billings, MT), 4. Mike Dever (Billings , MT), 5. Tracy Wittenberg (Shepherd, MT), 6. Doug Kern (Billings, MT),

Main:1. Jeremy Meirhofer (Belgrade, MT), 2. Kenny Baumann (Billings, MT), 3. Kasey Brown (Billings, MT), 4. Dennis Hurd (Billings, MT), 5. Dale A Neitzel (Shepherd, MT), 6. Alen Wolf (Billings, MT), 7. Robert Tehle (Billings, MT), 8. Roger Cummings (Laurel, MT), 9. Mike Dever (Billings , MT), 10. Mitch Ferguson (Billings, MT), 11. Doug Kern (Billings, MT), 12. Tracy Wittenberg (Shepherd, MT),

Street Stock

Heat 1: 1. Merlin (Donovan) Sorenson (Williston, ND), 2. Paul Lande (Belgrade, MT), 3. Ron Imberi, 4. Steven Stephenson (Billings, MT), 5. Collin Castro (Billings, MT), 6. Ryan Cardwell (Billings, MT), 7. Connor Lorenz (Billings, MT),

Heat 2: 1. Vance Lorenz (Billings, MT), 2. Rod Lorenz (Billings, MT), 3. Brian Barnhart (Belgrade, MT), 4. Mark Breitwiser (Billings, MT), 5. Justin Damm (Billings, MT), 6. Robert Hoffman (Billings, MT), 7. Bob Gordon (Shepherd, MT),

Main:1. Merlin (Donovan) Sorenson (Williston, ND), 2. Brian Barnhart (Belgrade, MT), 3. Ron Imberi, 4. Vance Lorenz (Billings, MT), 5. Paul Lande (Belgrade, MT), 6. Mark Breitwiser (Billings, MT), 7. Connor Lorenz (Billings, MT), 8. Collin Castro (Billings, MT), 9. Steven Stephenson (Billings, MT), 10. Justin Damm (Billings, MT), 11. Robert Hoffman (Billings, MT), 12. Ryan Cardwell (Billings, MT), 13. Rod Lorenz (Billings, MT), 14. Bob Gordon (Shepherd, MT),

Super Stock

Heat 1: 1. Justin Rieker (Billings, MT), 2. Cal Rossner (Powell, WY), 3. Jeremy Meirhofer (Belgrade, MT), 4. Mark Rieker (Billings , MT), 5. Dave Norris (Powell, WY), 6. Billy Carry,

Heat 2: 1. Ryan Fasching (Billings, MT), 2. Jeremy Rieker (Billings, MT), 3. Jason Martin (Billings, MT), 4. Beau Nave (Billings, MT), 5. Ed Berger (Laurel, MT), 6. Steven Cardwell (Shepherd, MT),

Main:1. Jeremy Meirhofer (Belgrade, MT), 2. Cal Rossner (Powell, WY), 3. Jason Martin (Billings, MT), 4. Justin Rieker (Billings, MT), 5. Ryan Fasching (Billings, MT), 6. Dave Norris (Powell, WY), 7. Jeremy Rieker (Billings, MT), 8. Mark Rieker (Billings , MT), 9. Steven Cardwell (Shepherd, MT), 10. Beau Nave (Billings, MT), 11. Ed Berger (Laurel, MT), 12. Billy Carry,

BMP Speedway was set to do battle yet again just outside Billings Montana, and tonight’s racing was fantastic.  Wissota Street Stocks, Super Stocks, and Modifieds were set to do battle, and battle may have been an understatement. There are a few under-lying story lines tonight, such as; Can Vance Lorenz stay undefeated in the main events? Will the dominance of Kenny Baumann and Jeremy Meirhofer continue on the Modifieds? Will Brunette Chassis continue its onslaught in the Wissota Super Stocks? Fasten your seat belts, because it is gonna be a great ride.

Wissota Modified racing action was the first event of the evening, and Robert Tehle started on the pole position.  Tehle started on pole a little earlier in his rookie season and led a good chunk of laps, and he set his mind to do at least the same thing.  The green flag came out and Alan “The Wolfman” Wolf slaughtered Tehle’s hopes as he stole the lead and tried to check out. Meanwhile the race for third was four wide, and nobody was backing down.   Kasey Brown nabbed the second spot on the low line and set his sights on leader, Alan Wolf.  Like a rocket, Kenny “BANZAI” Baumann flew from the seventh starting position to challenge the 21 of Kasey Brown for second.  While they were battling Alan Wolf hugged the tires and began slightly stretching his lead, but the first pesky caution came out resetting the field.  When the green flag came back out both Kasey Brown and Kenny Baumann challenged Alan Wolf on the high line and made the race for the lead three wide, but lurking in the fourth position was Jeremy Meirhofer, silently waiting for his shot at the lead.  Kasey Brown took the lead but Baumann shattered Brown’s hopes of checking and immediately slid by him.  Another caution flag came out with thirteen laps left but when the green flag dropped again the 21 of Kasey Brown ran the rim of the race track and now the race for second was three wide between early leader, Alan Wolf, Jeremy Meirhofer, and local driver Kasey Brown. Before I could even finish that sentence Dale Neitzel made the race for second four wide, and the crowds jaw dropped at the skill of all these drivers.  The 2B of Baumann just kept walkin’ away from the field while the race raged behind but with nine laps to go another caution flag came out.  The green flag came out once again an Jeremy Meirhofer literally snuck around Baumann, if you blinked you missed it, but BANZAI Baumann came right back on the low line once again.  It was now evident that this race was down to two men. Jeremy Meirhofer, and Kenny Baumann yet again at BMP Speedway. The checkered flag was out and it waved over Belgrade Montana driver Jeremy Meihofer just ahead of Kenny Baumann.  Kasey Brown got a strong third place run, snake-bitten driver Dennis Hurd had a fourth place finish, and Dale Neitzel rounded out the top five.

Once everyone caught their breath Wissota Street Stocks were already on the track with Donovan Sorenson starting on pole with Steven Stephenson to his outside.  Sorenson grabbed the lead quickly and tried to check out. A little deeper in the pack, Vance Lorenz was running higher than any street stock was running and made up time on everybody.  Paul Lande was running a very strong fourth and got his white number 76 street stock more sideways than I’ve ever seen a Wissota Street Stock get, and saved it, without losing any positions.  Vance Lorenz started in the eighth position and was already challenging Donovan Sorenson for the lead on the high line with Brian Barnhardt right on the bumper of Sorenson.  The lead five cars began separating from the rest of the pack, even after a plethora of cautions.  With the white flag in the air it was apparent that Brian Barnhardt was pushing leader Donovan Sorenson around the track waiting for just a tiny slip up, but the slip up never happened.  Get out the brooms because Donovan Sorenson got a clean sweep at BMP Speedway in the Wissota Street Stocks.  Brian Barnhardt ran in the second position.  Ron Imberri ran for the first time at BMP Speedway, had an eventful night and ran a strong third, Vance Lorenz battled back from a miscue earlier in the race to finish fourth, and sideways-Paul Lande rounded out the top five.  Vance Lorenz set another track record in the Wissota Street Stocks in his heat race earlier in the evening.

Wissota Super Stock action was next and Jeremy Rieker started on pole with Beau Nave to his outside, the green flag dropped and Jeremy Rieker took an early lead.  That lead didn’t last too long as the battle for first became an astounding four wide!  Cal “Rockin Chair” Rossner, Jason Martin, Ryan Fasching, and Jeremy Rieker all went down the backstretch neck and neck.  Just as Cal Rossner snuck the lead away, Jason Martin and Ryan Fasching made it three wide one again, nobody was giving up and nobody was giving an inch.  Now Justin Rieker wanted to make the lead battle four wide once again, with Jeremy Meirhofer once again waiting for his chance to sneak by.  A caution flag waved and momentarily slowed the action but when the green flag dropped again Rossner grabbed a slight lead over the three wide race for second between Ryan Fasching, Jeremy Meirhofer, and Jason Martin.  Justin Rieker was rim riding, got a wicked run and challenged Cal Rossner for the lead.  Jeremy Meirhofer seized the opportunity and made the lead race three wide once again.  This was some great racing at BMP Speedway.  Jeremy Meirhofer had just a slight advantage, but Cal “Rockin Chair” Rossner fought back and on the low line. Cal Rossner knew the laps were winding down and he had to make his move. He challenged Jeremy Meirhofer low and was defended but that let Jason Martin look low on Rossner, but was also defended.  The checkered flag waved and Jeremy Meirhofer won for the second time of the evening, Cal Rossner finished in the second position for the second time in a row in the state of Montana.  Jason Martin ran third, Justin Rieker ran fourth and Ryan Fasching raced to a fifth.

What a great night of racing and it’s looking up from here as well.  Next weekend the winged sprint cars are back in town with Wissota Street Stocks, Super Stocks, and Modifieds.  A special announcement was made on Saturday night that Street Stock drivers should be excited for.  A Street Stock shootout has been scheduled for BMP Speedway on August 25th.  $500 to win, a $100 cash dash, and possibly more.  We welcome every traveling driver, and remember, if you haul more than a hundred miles someone from your race team gets in free.  Spread the word and come out to BMP Speedway, if you have any questions look at BMP Speedways new webpage, Thanks for reading, and we will see you next week

Dru Brown

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