Collen Winebarger Wins Final Round Of Wild West Modified Shootout; Jesse Williamson Earns Klecker Knives Top Gun Award

Photo Courtesy of Haley Pratt/Speed Shift TV

Photo Courtesy of Haley Pratt/Speed Shift TV

By Ben Deatherage
The final round of the 2015 Wild West Modified Shootout would take place on Saturday June 20th at Willamette Speedway. A total of forty cars would register for the evening and would present some exciting racing from start to finish. States represented included Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, and North Dakota.

The Sir Lawrence Motorsports/Wyatt Timer/Ron Martin Wholesale/Bowman Motorsports #21J Loose Gruff of Jon DeBenedetti would grab the initial race lead. The Rogue River maestro got off to a great start building a comfortable lead. Unfortunately for him he would have his lead chipped away slowly but surely.

The driver reeling in DeBenedetti was Corbett's Collen Winebarger. Winebarger, in his Discount Race Car Parts/FinishLine Graphics/Sweere Trucking #S Shaw by Taylor, caught and passed DeBenedetti for the coveted position coming to the stripe on lap eight.

Winebarger would set his mount on cruise control and took off from the main pack. A long green flag run that would last for thirty laps put lapped traffic into the mix but Winebarger would handle them with ease. A caution on lap thirty would bunch up the field one last time with no lapped traffic between the leaders.

On the ensuing restart “Superman” Winebarger maintained his lead and would finish the balance of the distance in front of the field. It would mark the first time in his career that he had won a feature with the Wild West Modified Shootout. It was also the fourth occasion that he had won at Willamette in 2015.

Williston, North Dakota's Travis Peery was second in his Dennis Peery Trucking/Susan River Reality/Winzer by Paul Cooper #6P PCD while the Oliver Gravity Seperators/Gaylord's Garage/Rage Racing Chassis #6P Rage of Ryan Gaylord, from Lakewood, Colorado, was third. The rest of the top five would be made up of Salem chauffeur Jeremy Shank, in his Left Coast Motorsports/South Pacific Auto Sales and Service Center/Bilstein Shocks by Left Coast #30 Swartz, crossing the wire fourth followed by Jon DeBenedetti in fifth. Jeremy Shank was the Klecker Knives Hardcharger for the second night in a row.

Once all of the points were totaled Jesse Williamson of Eugene was declared the 2015 Klecker Knives Top Gun award winner and Wild West Modified Shootout champion. It would mark the third time in four years that the driver of the NexGen Race Cars/Furniture Options/JDM Racing Solutions/Double R Powdercoating #W5 NexGen was the title holder. It would also be his first crown since 2013 and he managed to win three of the seven events in this year's edition.

Race Summary:
Wild West Modified Shootout Race #7
Saturday June 20th, 2015
Willamette Speedway
Lebanon, Oregon

A Feature: 1. SW-Collen Winebarger; 2. 6P-Travis Peery; 3. 7R-Ryan Gaylord; 4. 30-Jeremy Shank; 5. 21J-Jon DeBenedetti; 6. 1M-Mark Wauge; 7. 54N-Nick Trenchard; 8. 98-Alex Stanford; 9. 16-Jerry Schram; 10. W5-Jesse Williamson; 11. 12-B.J. Wild; 12. 75X-Joe German; 13. 4Z-Zach Olson; 14. F1-Monte Bischoff; 15. 8-Rob Ireland; 16. 26-Brett James; 17. 25-Craig Cassell; 18. 4T-Troy Heupel; 19. 07X-Troy Morris; 20. 37-Joey Price

B Feature 1: 1. 16-Jerry Schram; 2. 8-Rob Ireland; 3. 30-Jeremy Shank; 4. 4T-Troy Heupel; 5. 12-B.J. Wild; 6. 23-Chris Quinn; 7. 7-Dustin Cady; 8. 48-Cale Carder; 9. 33C-Craig Hanson; 10. 45-Aaron Sheelar; 11. 222-Brian Bowman; 12. 11-Brandon Potter; 13. 49-Troy Foulger; 14. 7K-Kevin Smith

B Feature 2: 1. W5-Jesse Williamson; 2. 4Z-Zach Olson; 3. 98-Alex Stanford; 4. 83-Scott Lenz; 5. 99-Brad Martin; 6. 36-John Campos; 7. 1K-Kinzer Cox; 8. 68-Jesse Bailey; 9. 44-Nick Bessette; 10. 44P-Sam Potter; 11. 04-Rod McCombs; 12. 57-Ethan Landers; 13. 34-T.J. Richman; DNS 41-Danny Lauer

Last Chance Qualifier: 1. 4T-Troy Heupel; 2. 12-B.J. Wild; 3. 23-Chris Quinn; 4. 36-John Campos; 5. 7-Dustin Cady; 6. 83-Scott Lenz; 7. 44P-Sam Potter; 8. 44-Nick Bessette; 9. 11-Brandon Potter; 10. 48-Cale Carder; 11. 33C-Craig Hanson; 12. 49-Troy Foulger; 13. 45-Aaron Sheelar; 14. 1K-Kinzer Cox; 15. 34-T.J. Richman; 16. 57-Ethan Landers; 17. 7K-Kevin Smith; 18. 99-Brad Martin; DNS 68-Jesse Bailey; DNS 41-Danny Lauer; DNS 222-Brian Bowman

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