Enhanced Purse And Added Bonuses For SSP Micro Doubleheader


Photo Courtesy of Nikki Gamell

By Ben Deatherage
Banks, Oregon- On Saturday May 23rd and Sunday the 24th Sunset Speedway Park will be invaded. The invasion will consist of both Open and Restricted 600cc Micro Sprint teams from the states of Oregon, Washington, California, and even the Canadian province of British Columbia. And for good reason because there is going to be tons of incentives for them to show up at the “Banks Bullring”.

“We are very excited to have a two-day Micro show this season, we have worked hard at promoting these Micros over the winter season to join us at Sunset," said Nikki Gamell, Northwest Regional Manager, “these Micros are a perfect size for this race track and the fans just love them, especially when the kids climb out of these speed machines. With everyone's support, this will be one of the fastest growing classes here and we are looking forward to it.”

First some extra cash will be up for grabs courtesy of P.G.H. Excavating. P.G.H. is adding $1,000.00 to the entire purse for both nights. A full breakdown of the payout can be found at the bottom of this release.

“We enjoy giving back to the sport and supporting our local tracks,” commented Chris Thornhill of PGH Excavating, “hopefully it will bring even more teams out to make this weekend even better.”

Winners of the trophy dashes both nights will be getting something special too. Ron Starr at R.S. Race Products will be donating four nose wings to the drivers that win in the dashes. So not only will they be walking away with a nice looking trophy but also a piece of new hardware.

“I'm excited to see the Micros at this track and have to thank everyone that support it,” said Ron Starr, owner of R.S. Race Products, “my daughter (Casey) will be making her Micro debut that weekend so it should be a fun time.”

But wait it doesn't stop there. Speedmart Inc. will be handing out certificates towards your next purchase with them to the hard charger each night. The driver that can pass the most cars in the main event either night will receive a $50.00 voucher (in the Opens) and $25.00 voucher (for Restricted drivers) from Speedmart Inc.

“I think it's a great thing what Nikki (Gamell) is doing at Sunset,” said Barry Martinez of Speedmart Inc., “it's really important to have a 600 series down in Oregon and it's great that she's taking the reigns and putting all this energy into this deal.”

Finally Speedmart Inc. and Vahlco Racing Wheels are teaming up to give out some really cool prizes. Drivers that are able to finish fifth in either class on Saturday May 23rd will get a Vahlco BeadBuster valued at $99.99 each. Drivers that finish fifth on Sunday the 24th will receive a set of Vahlco Front Hubs which are valued at $220.00 per pair.

“Vahlco Racing Wheels is happy to support local grassroots racing,” stated Taylor Weld at Vahlco Racing Wheels, “we're glad to have a opportunity to to partner with Barry at Speedmart to make this weekend of racing even better for these teams.”

So be sure and mark your calendars for the Spring Challenge at Sunset Speedway Park on Saturday May 23rd and Sunday the 24th. Be sure and visit www.sunsetspeedwaypark.com for the latest news and information.

Micro Sprint Spring Challenge Payout

Open 600cc (Saturday May 23rd)
1st- $300.00
2nd- $225.00
3rd- $150.00
4th- $125.00
5th- $100.00
6th- $75.00
7th-Back- $50.00

Open 600cc (Sunday May 24th)
1st- $500.00
2nd- $300.00
3rd- $200.00
4th- $150.00
5th- $125.00
6th- $100.00
7th- $75.00
8th-Back- $50.00

Restricted 600cc (Both Days)
1st- $250.00
2nd- $200.00
3rd- $150.00
4th- $125.00
5th- $75.00
6th- $75.00
7th-Back- $50.00

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