Karts Kick Off Willamette Speedway’s Racing Weekend

Willamette SpeedwayBy Ben Deatherage
Lebanon, Oregon- Before the clay will fly on Saturday night the Karts will take center stage on Friday May 1st. The Karts originally were scheduled to open the 2015 season up on April 17th but that event was canceled. If you haven't had a chance to see the Karts in action you are really missing out. These drivers are the future of motorsports not just at Willamette but all across the Pacific Northwest region.

Classes in action range from 5HP Kage Karts all the way up to 500cc powered Open Kage Karts. Also Speedway Karts are featured on a regular basis. It's a great way to kick start the racing weekend.

General Admission to the Friday Kart race will be FREE of charge. Pit Passes are $10.00 and Car and Driver fees will be $30.00. The Pit Gate will open up around 4:00 PM and Racing is scheduled to begin around 6:30. For more information log on to www.trophymotorsports.com and click “Track Info”.

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