Mid Season Champions Crowned at Deming Speedway

deming-speedway7/10/15, Everson, WA – Four drivers stood triumphantly in victory lane at Midseason Championship night at Deming Speedway, presented by Blade RV, 92.9 KISM and Les Schwab. Liam Ryan won his third main in a row in the 600 open division and was joined in front by fellow feature winners Steven Hendrickson, Jesse Schlotfeldt and Tyler McLeod.

In the Speedmart Hoosier 600 Open division, Liam Ryan won his third consecutive race and gathered a ton of momentum heading into the Clay Cup Nationals next weekend. Liam was dominant in the main, lapping up to eighth place and never undertaking serious challenge for the lead. Shaun Holtorf was second and Brock Lemley came out on top of an entertaining race for third. Ryan won the scramble. Cars not in the top six in points time trialed for heat race position, and Jared Peterson was the quickest qualifier and won his heat. Other heat winners were Austin Sheridan and Kevin Wilkinson. Matt Ward won the B Main.

The Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 main event looked to be Jared Gundersen’s to win until a late race rally by Steven Hendrickson changed the game. Hendrickson, a notorious rim rider, found the low groove on the track and charged from as far back as fifth at one point to second with less than ten laps remaining. With Gundersen dealing with slower traffic, Hendrickson rolled up on the leader and jumped on an opening, using a slower car to force Jared up race track and taking the lead on lap 26 from the bottom of turn four. Steven would race away to the win, followed by Jared and third place Brock Lemley. Liam Ryan was quick time and Gundersen won the scramble. Ryan and Lemley won the heats.

Jesse Schlotfeldt continues to dominate the Mytrafficman.NET 600 restricted division leading into the 2015 Clay Cup Nationals. Schlotfeldt won again on Friday for the sixth time in seven weeks, leading all but the first lap of the race on his way to the victory. Sawyer Sorgenfrei and Katie Turner rounded out the podium. Schlotfeldt also won the scramble. Ashley Thompson was the top qualifier and won the first heat race. Heat two went to Darius Walker-Perkins.

Tyler McLeod continued his winning ways in the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints. McLeod led all twenty laps of main event to claim the Mid Season Championship trophy. Peyton Rambow was second and Haley Constance was third. Constance won the first heat and was quick time. Rambow won the scramble. Peyton Hagen won the other heat race and Chase Stuart won the B Main.


Speedmart Hoosier 600 Open
Fast Time – Jared Peterson 10.290
Scramble – Liam Ryan, Shaun Holtorf, Kyle Mitchell, Tanner Holm, Chance Crum, Brock Lemley
Heat 1 – Jared Peterson, Kaitlyn Hammer, Alden Ostrom, Keith Wickard, Josh Monroe, Kris Labree
Heat 2 – Austin Sheridan, Isaac Abenroth, Joe Constance, Matt Ward, Kyle Kennedy, Kinser Kennedy, Dylan Resch
Heat 3 – Kevin Wilkinson, Spud Allen, Reese Wickard, Spencer Constance, Jeff Little, Jon Farrell
B Main – Matt Ward, K Wickard, S Constance, Monroe, Ky Kennedy, Labree, Little, Ki Kennedy
A Main – Liam Ryan, Holtorf, Lemley, Mitchell, Crum, Peterson, Holm, Wilkinson, Sheridan, Hammer, J Constance, Allen, Abenroth, K Wickard, Ky Kennedy, Ostrom, Labree, Ward, R Wickard, Monroe
Lap Leaders – Ryan 1-30

Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200
Fast Time – Liam Ryan 10.173
Scramble – Jared Gundersen, Eric Turner, Steven Hendrickson, Tyson Cross, Frosty Metcalfe, Seth Hespe
Heat 1 – Liam Ryan, Jason Bloodgood, Jake Helsel, Tanner Reid, Brian Haling, Zach Keefe
Heat 2 – Brock Lemley, Clennon Holloway, Robin Brigge, Ryan Cully, Dwayne Mackey, Dick Williams
Main – Steven Hendrickson, Gundersen, Lemley, Turner, Cross, Bloodgood, Hespe, Helsel, Brigge, Metcalfe, Reid, Holloway, Cully, Keefe, Mackey, Williams, Haling
Lap Leaders – Gundersen 1-25 Hendrickson 26-30

Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted
Fast Time – Ashley Thompson 11.287
Scramble – Jesse Schlotfeldt, Sawyer Sorgenfrei, Riley Watkins, Cody Hogarth, JJ Thomas, Katie Turner
Heat 1 – Ashley Thompson, Bailey Sucich, Ryley Mayer, Kaden Holm, Allison Johnson, Tyson Lemley, Lizzy Johnson
Heat 2 – Darius Walker-Perkins, Peyton Reed, Ashleigh Johnson, Tatum Pospical, Collin Mackey, Galen Turner
Main – Jesse Schlotfeldt, Sorgenfrei, K Turner, Thompson, Thomas, Watkins, Walker-Perkins, Sucich, Hogarth, Mayer, Al Johnson, As Johnson, Reed, Pospical, L Johnson, Holm, Lemley, Mackey, G Turner
Lap Leaders – Sorgenfrei 1 Schlotfeldt 2-30

Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints
Fast Time – Haley Constance 13.283
Scramble – Peyton Rambow, Tyler McLeod, Parker Hadlock, Dakota Drake, Macie Logsdon, Levi Klatt
Heat 1 – Haley Constance, Haylee Bloodgood, Mitchell Helsel, Chase Stuart, Seth Anderlini, Austin Rinesmith, Olina Howe
Heat 2 – Peyton Hagen, Blaine Granberg, Alex Gouy, Baker Fagerlie, Peyton Drake, Carson Guffie
B Main – Chase Stuart, P Drake, Fagerlie, Anderlini, Howe, Guffie, Rinesmith
A Main – Tyler McLeod, Rambow, Constance, Logsdon, D Drake, Granberg, Gouy, Hagen, Klatt, Bloodgood, P Drake, Stuart, Anderlini, Fagerlie, Helsel, Hadlock
Lap Leaders – McLeod 1-20

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