Willamette Speedway DIRTcar Super Late Models Season In Review

By Ben Deatherage, Lebanon, Oregon- Earning his sixth career Late Model championship in eight seasons Trevor Glaser has been simply phenomenal at the historic Willamette Speedway. The Tangent ace would lead the class in most victories during the year and would win the championship by a total of one-hundred-twenty-points. The class itself would produce seven different winners in fourteen point races with five drivers winning on more than one occasion.

“I feel really good about winning this championship we finished the year off strong and won the last couple of races,” commented Glaser, “we started the year off a little bit slow and we kept building on it and the car was very good in the last couple of months.”

The champion would earn five victories and finished among the top five eleven times which both statistics led the division. He also would lead the class with the most fast time awards, with three, while also earning two heat race wins and one single trophy dash triumph. The title would mark his seventh of his career at Willamette, as he has a Super Sport championship to his credit which he won back in 1999, and adds to his three previous titles he had managed to win with the defunct Bud I-5 Series in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

“This was a new car in January and we had most everything the same as we had on our old Trak-Star chassis but I did a couple of things different and it took us a little bit to figure out but around early July it really started to take off,” he would continue, “I’d like to send out a special thanks out to Cory Hill, Chris Claasen, and the Dittman brothers (Justin and Dustin) for all their hard work they put in this team as well as my sponsors Mid-Valley Farms, Crop Production Services, Bayer Crop Science, Ground and Water, Operation Homefront, and Farmland Tractor Supply for their support.”

Casey Vitale from Albany earned the season opening victory in May while finishing fifth or better four times while finishing the season runner-up in the points table. Vitale would also win two trophy dashes and was fast time of the evening once.

Defending-track-champion Rob Mayea would wind up third in the points sheet. The Bend driver would capture the opening night of the Clair Cup in late May to post his only victory of the campaign. He did however finish in the top five on nine occasions, won two heat races, earned two dash triumphs, and was twice a fast timer.

Happy Valley’s John Duty at season’s end was fourth in the final standings with two main event triumphs to his credit. He would also achieve seven top five finishes, win two heat races, was twice a quick clocker, and achieved a single trophy dash victory.

The only driver in to finish up the top five point placers was John Campos. The Keizer chauffer had two top five finishes to his credit along with two heat race wins. Campos also managed to visit victory lane once in trophy dash competition in 2012.

The Willamette Speedway has operated since the 1960’s and has been regarded as the “Late Model Capital of the Northwest” for many years. The venue will hosts weekly action comprising of DIRTcar Late Models, USRA Modifieds, Sportsman, Classics, and Mini Trucks. For more information on the latest news and stories regarding the Willamette Speedway log on to www.trophymotorsports.com also “like” us on Facebook.

2012 Willamette Speedway DIRTcar Super Late Models Stat Attack
Schedule (Winner):

May 19th Casey Vitale
May 26th Rob Mayea
May 27th Russ Sell
June 2nd Jeremy Shank
June 16th John Duty
July 7th Trevor Glaser
July 13th Trevor Glaser
July 21st Russ Sell
August 4th Trevor Glaser
August 11th John Duty
August 18th Jeremy Shank
September 1st (Non-Point) Russ Sell
September 2nd Trevor Glaser
Sepetember 8th (Non-Point) Jimmy Schram
September 15th Trevor Glaser
September 22nd Cody Sell

Final Top Ten Point Standings:
1. Trevor Glaser- 1554
2. Casey Vitale- 1434
3. Rob Mayea- 1431
4. John Duty- 1320
5. John Campos- 1258
6. Justin Duty- 1234
7. Steve Moore- 1224
8. Brian Cronk- 1190
9. Randy Boyd- 1141
10. Russ Sell- 1041

Feature Winners:
Trevor Glaser- 5
Jeremy Shank- 2
John Duty
Russ Sell
Casey Vitale- 1
Cody Sell

Top Five Finishes:
Trevor Glaser- 11
Rob Mayea- 9
John Duty- 7
Russ Sell
Jeremy Shank- 6
Joey Tanner- 5
Casey Vitale- 4
Cody Sell- 3
Greg Walters
Brian Cronk- 2
Jason Wines
John Campos
Brady Sell- 1
Brian Smith
Jimmy Schram
Justin Duty
Randy Boyd
Rick Wyatt
Terry Ferrando
Tim Goodwin
Trent Elliott

Heat Race Wins:
Randy Boyd- 4
Steve Moore
Brian Cronk- 3
Casey Vitale
Darren Coffell
Bryan Norton- 2
John Campos
John Duty
Randy Barley
Rick Wyatt
Rob Mayea
Russ Sell
Todd Sieg
Trevor Glaser
Brian Smith- 1
Britton Donahoo
Bruce Hipple
Chris Mott
Cody Sell
Dan Deibele
Jason Wines
Jeremy Shank
Jerry Schram
Joey Tanner
Jon Kauffman
Jordan Wright
Justin Duty
Justin Perkins
Mark Carrell
Mark Gaylord
Paul Culp
Rob Campos
Terry Hall
Todd Shandy
Tony Brakeall
Tory Swayngim
Trent Elliott

Fast Times:
Trevor Glaser- 3
John Duty- 2
Rick Wyatt
Rob Mayea
Casey Vitale- 1
Jimmy Schram
Kyle Yeack
Russ Sell
Terry Ferrando

Trophy Dash Wins:
Casey Vitale- 2
Jeremy Shank
Rob Mayea
Bob Trout- 1
Brady Sell
Joey Tanner
John Campos
John Duty
Rick Wyatt
Russ Sell
Trevor Glaser

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